LNC Earthwords. New South Wales Excatavtions and Earth Moving.


LNC Earthworks, Orange New South Wales Excavation and Ground Leveling

With the right machinery on hand, LNC Earthworks are excavation and ground leveling experts.

We don’t just stop at excavating though, we’ll excavate areas and install pumps, pipes and just about anything else you might require.

New South Wales Excavations, Septic Tank  and Power Installation

Above is an on the job photo of excavations in Cliften Grove, Orange. We used a 7 ton excavator to dig out areas for a septic tank and electrics. We dug out the areas removing all the rocks and debris, bought in top soil and and spread level with our all-wheel-steer bobcat so it was ready for turfing.

We dug out and prepared for a driveway installation to the shed with the bobcat, prepped the tank pad with the 5.5 ton excavator and installed an irrigation system with a bore pump.

For more on the job pictures with descriptions, check out our photo gallery, for videos of us on the job check out our videos page.

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